Tonight’s City Council Meeting

Boy, a lot to figure out here since this was the first 2013/14 Budget Briefing, but I wanted to make a quick comment tonight and give myself time to review the meeting on DVR tomorrow to provide some transcripts along with my take on the subjects after some research,

Mr. Woolridge has my admiration for coming every week and talking about the needs and problems of the homeless in Escondido.  I have thought often about what it would be like to be homeless, and as a woman, the scariest part would be spending the night outside.  So Mr. Woolridge has been talking about creating a protected area for those who have to do so.  I’m sure there are arguments against it but I would certainly like us to figure out how to keep people safe when they do sleep outside considering that at least 25% of them are suffering from severe and persistent mental illness.  With all the dollars being spent chasing folks out of Grape Day Park–and from what I understand detaining many for interviews and arresting others–it seems to me we should be able to find a kinder solution.  But then I guess it depends upon whether you think you could ever be homeless or feel secure in the belief that it only happens to lazy losers.  See you tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s City Council Meeting

  1. cassie lieurance

    Frank Woodlridge is a great guy. It makes me almost feel guilty lecturing them about recreation when he is there fighting for the least of the least. There are just so many problems to fix. I can’t talk about all of them in 3 minutes without sounding crazy.

  2. Chris

    I had to exercise tremendous restraint as I sat and listened to the budget presentation becuse my natural instinct was to run to the posdium and take off with my comments. I am happy to report that my better self contained the impulses.

    I spoke with Olga after the meeting, and she was equally upset.
    As it stands, This budget is a powerful statement about philosophy and priorities of the majority city council – it is not at all about quality of life, nowhere about what is good for lthe residents of or city. John masson had the audacity to proclaim that given the constraints of the budget, it is not realistic – not doable- to expect the city to fund recreation and the library. How audacious is that comment? Yet he would ask the taxpayers to bail out his organization – the Chamber of Cpmmerce.
    I see this as EF next focus.


  3. bruce sims

    “at least 25% of them are suffering from severe and persistent mental illness. “; this is a national shame. I remeber how hard it was to even get mental health treatment covered by paid insurance and ,even now, the covered benefits are restrictive.
    AND everyone could see how Abed ignored what Woolridge was saying when Abed ‘thanked him for his kind words’. View the Council meeting broadcast and you can see Abed stating such. Talk about a real lack of social conscience.


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