Thought this might be of interest to some folks in Escondido.

A Blue View for Escondido

I have written before about the Heritage Charter Schools:

Many of us were very upset when what was once a branch of the Escondido Library was leased by City to the Heritage Digital Academy, especially when we learned that Snyder had been seen in the Library with a measuring tape before the Library was shut down by the City Council. Our protests fell on four pair of deaf ears at the City Council, so we also took our protests to two meetings of the Escondido Union School District Board of Trustees. We had looked at the Heritage School enrollment, and determined that it did not meet California requirements to reflect the demographics of the Escondido School System. Pat Mues wrote an excellent report of the second tumultuous meeting here: .

My friend, and Escondido native Katherine Fromm, attended the last meeting of the Escondido Union School District. She wrote…

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You have to demolish before you can rebuild.

I just realized today that it had been two months since I last posted — and I have yet to create the new blog I promised. But as the photo below might indicate, we have had a busy few months. As you who have followed the New England weather, this winter was both brutal and historic.  Working on our house has been hampered by the piles and piles of snow that never seemed to end, but we have accomplished much since we moved in mid-February.

WP_20150226_12_45_11_ProWhat this photo gives a taste of is the huge amount of material we are removing from this house — more than three tons at last count!  That includes cheap paneling from the 50s, fir floors from the late 1800s topped with plywood and linoleum, original lathe and plaster walls/ceilings too damaged to save and much, much more.  I am happy to say we are well on the way to creating a new kitchen that will include the area shown above with restored wide pine floors original to the house along with new plaster walls/ceiling, a new frig and large pantry.

The work continues every day and luckily we have a vision that sees past what many people would call a “disaster.”  But the crocus are in bloom, the daffodils are about to pop and we enjoy the town to which we have returned.  I can’t deny that a few days of Escondido weather would be welcome, but we are enjoying the warmth of our community.  Best to all.

side fireplace exposed

PS  The picture to the right is of a fireplace in another part of the kitchen that was hidden behind a closet and a wall.  The mantel is gone as well as the hearth but we do have the wooden paneling that surrounds it so we can make it back to what it was.

Snowy greetings from Warren, RI

house with snow

Here’s is a picture of the house we bought in Warren, RI.  I write this post from a few blocks away where we (and our 3 cats) are ensconced in a cozy apartment on the top floor of our friends’ lovely house also in Warren.  We flew in one week ago, beating a winter storm. Since then we have been catching up with old friends and making new ones while doing what is necessary to move into our new old house — built 1760ish.  It was a foreclosure we purchased through an online auction so it has been winterized meaning all utilities are off and water drained from the pipes.  Getting electricity was easy, but the plumber needed to consolidate the two water systems in the cellar (it is a two family we are returning to single family) so the water company will come tomorrow to install new meter and turn on water — if the predicted storm doesn’t cause a problem.  Same for the gas turn on which is also scheduled for tomorrow.  We were very lucky to have our belongings delivered yesterday ahead of the storm and cars are also here.  If all goes well, we will move in Tuesday and live in the 2nd floor apartment while renovating the first floor.

Obviously, my days of blogging about Escondido politics and governance have come to an end.  But I will begin a new blog on the joys and travails of renovating a very old house that has been butchered over the years.  I will be setting that up in the next week and will post here when I launch that blog.  Until then, snow has begun to fall again and it’s time to begin prepping for a Portuguese dinner of bacalhau followed by kale, white bean and linguica stew.  Até logo

Our last Christmas in Escondido.

If all goes according to plan, we will be moving to Warren, RI early in the new year. These last few years in Escondido have certainly been interesting and I will always be glad of the many friends we’ve made.  To everyone who has followed my blog, I want to say how much I have enjoyed the chance to discuss the issues facing our city and wish everyone the best for the future.  I will continue to post periodically at ESCONDIDO2014.COM and will let you all know when I leave.

Until then, click on the link below to see a holiday video created by a friend in Warren. aawarrenwaterfront

Mid-century modern now on the market.

If you or someone you know is interested in living in the heart of downtown Escondido, my house is now for sale.  It’s a single-story home that’s just a few blocks from the library, Farmers’ Market and Grand Avenue.  That means you can walk to shops, restaurants, movies, California Center for the Arts and yes, City Hall.  From the friendly front porch to the private brick courtyard it’s a sunny indoor/outdoor house with three bedrooms and two full baths.  The eat-in kitchen has granite countertops and stainless steel appliances as well as a two-sided gas fireplace that makes the whole house cozy on a chilly winter morning like today.

There will be an open house this Sunday from 10 until 4.  Complete information is available at, but here’s a short preview:


Turnout, turnout, turnout.

In yesterday’s election, only 34% of Registered Voters cast their ballots.  In 2012, that number was more than double at 75%.  Mayor Abed’s voters — about 12,000 this year and the same when he was elected as Mayor in 2010 — turned out to give him the win. If every voter who had supported Olga Diaz in 2012 had cast their vote for her yesterday, she would have become the new Mayor of Escondido with a margin of about 3,000 votes.


After two years of daily blogging, adding up to 833 posts, ESCONDIDO2014.COM has come to an end. Though the blog will remain open for comments, I will not be posting there.  In its place is ESCONDIDO2016.COM. I’ll begin blogging once I’ve had a chance to rest up and recharge.  If you would like to notified when 2016 begins posting, please go to the new blog and FOLLOW it; you will get an email when I post. Otherwise, please check back at ESCONDIDO2016.COM.  Thank you to all who have followed 2014, I hope you’ll get to know 2016.